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DataLoader Configuration

Dataloader pro plays an important role in data migration from source sandbox to destination sandbox. However, in this process of data migration, chances of duplicate records being created always exists. To avoid this, AutoRABIT has come up with a new feature that allows synchronizing of data between the orgs with the help of AutoRABIT external id. Now user can make use of data synchronization to make a connection between source and destination on the objects on which he needs data migration.

Launch Dataloader Configuration 

  1. In the AutoRABIT homepage, click on Dataloader > Dataloader Configuration. The list of all configured jobs will get displayed.


Create a New Configuration

  1. Click on New Configuration at the top right corner of the page. The following screen is displayed.

  1. Enter a name in the Name field.
  2. Choose Source and Destination sandboxes and click Login and fetch objects.
  3. In the Object list displayed, select the Objects and its related Fields. Optionally in Quick Find, give the name of the object to filter the search.

  1. Once you are done with the selection of objects and fields, click on either Save and Run or Save option. 
    1. Save and Run: This option allows to save and run the job simultaneously.
    2. Save: It allows to save the job.
  2. You can find your configured job listed in the Data Loader Configuration summary page.


Understanding the Process Summary Page of DataLoader Configuration

  1. In the Data Loader Configuration page, you can view the list of all configured jobs run till date.
  2. Click on a configured job to see its details. You can also use the filter option to search for a specific job.

  1. You can do multiple operations on a job.

  1. Run: This option allows you to run a configured job.

  1. Edit: Edit the processes that have been created in the selected category to re-run it.
  2. Delete: Deletes a configured job. A confirmation message is displayed asking whether you want to delete the job. On confirmation, the process is deleted. A deleted job will no longer be displayed in the summary page.
  3. Clone: Clone the selected process. Required to enter the details as given in the screenshot below.

  1. Log: Provides information about the execution of a process.


Iconic Representation for Dataloader Configuration summary page as below:

Icon Description
Label which contains the label name and status symbol
Filter icon to apply filters on fields
Creation of New Configuration


Run the Process


Allows the user to edit the details of a process. To edit a process, click edit and follow the steps done during the creation of the process.


Logs information and provides information about the execution of a process


Deletes a process. A confirmation message is displayed asking whether you want to delete the process. On confirmation, the process is deleted.


Clone the selected process.

To view success CSV file
Download CSV file


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