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AutoRABIT, Inc.

Profile Manager

Profile Manager

AutoRABIT's Profile Manager options lets you to have a better control of Profiles/ Permission Set assignments to users.

It allows you to: 

  • compare a single profile or permission set upto three Salesforce Orgs
  • either update the metadata component changes to the same org or,
  • deploy the metadata component to up to three Orgs at once.


How to To manage your Profiles/ Permission Sets?

  1. In AutoRABIT homepage, navigate to Deployment > Profile Manager.
  2. In the succeeding page:
    1. Select the Salesforce Orgs to be compared (max 3 Orgs can be selected).
    2. Click on either Get Profiles or Get PermisionSets option.
      1. Get Profiles will fetch all the profiles available in selected Salesforce Orgs.
      2. Get PermisionSets will list all permission sets that are available in Salesforce Orgs.
    3. Based on your above selection, select the profile/ permissionset type in Profiles/ PermissionSets field.
    4. Select the metadata components for which you want to view the selected profile/ permissionset comparison report. Either select all components or specify certain components you want to see in the profile. Minimum one metadata component selection is required to proceed further.
    5. You can hide components which do not have difference and won't be shown if you select hide the components with no differences at the bottom.
    6. Give a label name in the field and click Compare.


  1. On the next page, you can see list of different permissions available for each metadata components.
  2. Here, you can update the permissions for each components for all the Org at once.
Note: (1) Permissions/ components that are not available will be denoted by 'X' in the org.
      (2) For the fields that are left blank, for eg. in Layout Assignments, means that there is no related record type
          is assigned and hence nothing shows up.
  1.  Next, select the permissions/ components that you want to update.
  2. Select one of the option from the Action drop down list:
    1. Update Changes: The changes to the metadata components gets updated in the same org. 
    2. Update and Deploy: The changes will be updated in the selected source org and also gets deployed to the destination org(s).
    3. Deploy: The changes get deployed only in the selected destination org(s). No changes occur in the source org.
Note: For Deploy and Update and Deploy option, choose the source and destination org(s).

  1. Click OK.
  2. Then it will redirects to the Deployment history screen where you can find the deployment process being carried out.
Note: You can list out the previous Profile Manager Labels carried out in the Profile Manager homepage.
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