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Full Profiles Metadata and Full Permission Sets

Full Profiles Metadata and Full Permission Sets


1. Full Profiles Metadata

Full Profiles will fetch all the profiles available in selected Salesforce Orgs.


  1. Choose Full Profiles from the Metadata Type(s) dropdown list.
  2. Select Include Field Accessibilities option if you want to deploy all ‘Layouts’ and ‘Record Types’ along with full profiles.
  3. After completing the remaining field, click on Retrieve Metadata at the bottom left of the screen. A new page appears which displays the Metadata types and Profile information.
  4. Once a list of all the metadata members is displayed, select the members that you want to deploy and click Compare Orgs & Deploy.
  5. A new page appears which displays the LayoutProfile and Record Type information required for deployment.
Note: You can deploy Layout and Record Type only if you select Include Field Accessibilities in the Metadata Type option. See the attached screenshots for more information.




  1. Lastly, click on Deploy button.


2. Full Permission Sets

Full Permission sets will display set of permissions that is used to grant additional access to one or more users without changing their profile or reassigning profiles.


  1. Choose Full Permission Sets from the Metadata Type(s) dropdown list.
  2. Complete the remaining fields and click on Retrieve Metadata.
  3. You can see the Metadata members based on the permission sets.




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