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Profile Manager

A user can compare profiles with two/three sandboxes and they can make changes in the profile and then can deploy to the same sandbox. Select the metadata to be deployed and deploy them to the target Salesforce Org.

To manage your profiles:

  1. Select Profile Manager in the Deployment home page.
  2. Select the Salesforce Orgs to be compared (up to 3 Orgs can be selected)
  3. Click:
    • Get Profiles
    • Get PermissionSets
  4. In Profiles/ PermissionSets, select the profile/ permissionset type.
  5. Optionally, you can also hide the components with no differences by selecting the check-box at the bottom.
  6. Now select the components of the profile, and click Compare.
  7. Select the metadata types to be deployed.
  8. Click Deploy Changes and give a label name.
  9. Click Deploy

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