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Manage Release Labels

Manage Release Labels

This feature in AutoRABIT allows users to combine the commits performed on a Branch of a Repository into a single Label and use it for Deployment. In short, grouping similar labels into one label.


Accessing Manage Release Page

You can access your Release Label Page under the Version Control > Manage Release Label menu.


You can find list of Release Labels created in AutoRABIT. For each label, the following information is displayed:

  • Date: The date and time of the label being created.
  • Label Name: An identification name for each label created in AutoRABIT.
  • Description: Brief description of the label (if any)
  • Repository, Branch: Source Repository Org and its related branch
  • Author details - You can view the owner details associated with each label.
  • Actions: Several actions can be performed on this page (see below)


Actions associated with Manage Release Label

Several actions can be performed in the Manage Release Label page.

  • Create a New Release Label
  • View a Release Label
  • Edit or Delete Release Label


​​​​​​​To Create a New Release Label
  1. In Manage Release Label homepage, click on New Release Label at top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select a Repository and Branch, and a list of all the labels created through EZ-Commits are displayed.


  1. Select the labels you want to group into a label.
  2. Lastly, click on Create New Release Label. A new page will appear.


  1. Give a name to this release label operation and add a short description in Description box. Giving a description is optional.
  2. Click OK.


View a Release Label

If you wish to see the list of all labels associated with any release label, click on the Viewimage.png) icon.



Edit or Delete a Release Label

To update or delete a Release label from your history, click either the Edit ( image.png ) or Delete ( image.png ) icon. 

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