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New Merge

New Merge

New Merge allows you to trigger a new merge operation between two branches in a Version Control System.


Navigate to New Merge

To create a New Merge:

  1. Log in to your AutoRABIT account. Then, go to your Version Control Menu, then click on New Merge.
  2. The following screen gets displayed.


  1. Select a Version Control repository in the Repository field.
  2. Select the source and the target branch from the drop-down list.
  3. Next, select a Merge Type:
    1. Entire Branch: You can merge an entire branch to a different Branch
    2. Single Revision: You can merge a Single Revision from the Commits you have performed
    3. Commit Labels: You can select the Commit Labels created while committing to Version Control System.
    4. Release Labels: You can select the Release Labels created using the committed Revisions as well as the Labels.
  4. Conflict Resolution Strategy field allows you to select the way you want to resolve the conflicts. By default, you can select either of the three options:
    1. Manually resolve conflicts: You can resolve the conflicts manually in the merge screen.
    2. Choose file from source: Allows you to choose from source to resolve the conflicts.
    3. Choose file from destination: Allows you to choose from destination to resolve the conflicts.
  5. Give the operation a label name.
  6. Give a comment about the Merge Operation (if any).
  7. Enter the email id(s) to send an email notification of the merge reports.
  8. Click Dry Run, to validate the merge. The label is displayed in the Merge History page as Merged_Not_Committed.
  9. Click Merge, and the label is updated in the Merge History page. The Merge reports gets generated and the same gets triggered to the given mail id.


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