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New EZ-Commit

This section allows you to Commit your changes from the Salesforce Org to the required Version Control System.

Pre-requisites for using New EZ-Commit

To use New EZ-Commit functionality the following pre-requisites are required.

  1. Salesforce Org Registered with AutoRABIT
  2. Version Control Registered with AutoRABIT
  3. My Profile is mapped with user details for Salesforce Org as well as Version Control
  4. User has permission to perform EZ-Commits
                        Icon                                                                     Description

Salesforce Org drop down allows you to select the Salesforce Org from which you want to fetch the changes


Author drop down allows you to select the Salesforce Org User name of whom you would like to retrieve the changes


Filter allows you to specify a date range to fetch changes


Fetch Changes allows you to fetch changes from the Salesforce Org


Additional Metadata allows you to cherry pick the Metadata Members form Salesforce Org and commit them


Reset this resets all the selections done with respect to Salesforce Org, Author, Filter e.t.c


Validate & Commit allows you to validate your commit before committing to VCS


Compare & Commit allows you to compare the metadata members selected from Salesforce Org to the VCS where being committed. Here you see the differences and commit.


Commit allows you to commit the changes selected to the VCS.


Label Type allows you to select/create a Label for Custom/Release and commit them to VCS accordingly

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