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AutoRABIT, Inc.

Commit History


This screen allows you to view all the commits done via AutoRABIT and, with the new feature introduced you can view the commits performed outside AutoRABIT too.

Click on a revision number to see more details about the version commit.


                        Icon                                              Description

Commit History display the list of commits performed via AutoRABIT


Auto-Commits from CI Jobs captures the commits performed via CI Jobs in AutoRABIT


Merged Commits displays the merges performed via AutoRABIT


External Commits displays the commits performed outside AutoRABIT


Repository drop down allows you to select your repositories


Branch allows you to select the respected Branch from the repository selected


Filter Icon allows you to search for a specific commit based on created like label, From & To date and by committed user.


Refresh icon allows you to refresh the Commit history page without refreshing the entire browser

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