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AutoRABIT, Inc.

Version Control

AutoRABIT supports all industry-leading version control systems. Every change made to the code is tracked, along with details like who made the changes, and references to problems fixed, or enhancements introduced by the change. It also facilitates the comparison of your Salesforce org with a Version Control system.
For seamless release management, a team must have the development, testing, and quality analysis in place. By using a version control system, you can create snapshots of your code by creating branches or copies of it and isolating the code base from the main or central repository. This makes it easier to make changes and enhances the overall quality of the code.

AutoRABIT Version Control contains the below 7 sections:

  1. Commit History
  2. New EZ-Commit
  3. Commit Validation History
  4. Merge History
  5. New Merge
  6. Delete Version Control Metadata
  7. Manage Release Labels


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