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AutoRABIT, Inc.

Registering a GIT Repository


1. Click Register Repository.

  • In the field Version Control System, select GIT from the drop down.
    • If GIT is hosted on AWS then AutoRABIT fetches data from the repository.
  • In the field Display Name, enter a name.
  • In the field Repository URL, enter the URL of your GIT repository.
  • In the field Version control System, select GIT.
  • In the field Branch, by default Master branch is selected.
  • If there are two types of authentication methods:
    • If you select User/Password, enter the Git Username and Password
    • Or select SSH. (For SSH configuration contact :

2. Click Test Connection, to check if the connection has been authenticated.
3. A success message is displayed, after the authentication is completed and the repository is created.
4. Click Save to complete the registration of a repository

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