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AutoRABIT, Inc.

User Permissions

User Permissions allow the administrator to assign roles and projects to the registered users of AutoRABIT.

Only after the Admin assigns roles and projects, the users would be able to access them.

To create User Permissions:

1. In the home page, go to Admin > User Permissions

2. You can see a list of all the users who have been added during the Role creation process.
3. Now click Bulk Assignment, you can assign:

  • Salesforce Orgs
  • Roles and
  • Projects

4. For assignment of a Role, select the roles that to be assigned to the user. Click Permissions to see the role description.

5. For assignment of Salesforce Org, select one of the registered Orgs and assign permissions to use functionality.

  • Select the module in which you want the registered Salesforce orgs to be displayed.

6. If projects already exist, select projects you want to assign to the user.

7. Assign a version repository to a user, and the user can access only the assigned repository and its respective branches.

8. Click Save to complete the bulk assignment to the selected user.

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