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Org Details

The details of selected org are displayed here.

You will have a list of operations that you can perform here:

  1. Clone 
  2. Generate code coverage report
  3. View/ Download Report
  4. Save Details. Edit the details if necessary and click Save Details to complete the process.

Clone Salesforce Org

AutoRABIT allow its users to register one Salesforce Org any number of times. However, Salesforce has 5 registration limitation. After 5 successful OAuth registrations, if user tries to register the same Salesforce Org, the refresh token for first registered Salesforce org gets expired. To overcome this, AutoRABIT provides clone feature for Salesforce org in AutoRABIT.

Note: Clone option is not visible for already cloned Salesforce Orgs.

To perform Clone operation

  1. In the Salesforce Org Management homepage, click on Clone option at the right side of the page.

  1. If there are no previous clone information available for Salesforce Org, the following screen appears.

  1. If the Salesforce Org already consists of clone information, the following screens gets displayed.


  1. If users tries to add more than 10 clones at a time, an alert messages will be displayed.



Generate code coverage report

This function allows you to run all available Apex Test Class in the Salesforce org and generate code coverage report for the same.

To generate a code coverage report, do the following:

  1. ​​​​​​​In the Salesforce Org Management homepage, click on Generate code coverage report at the right side of the page.
  2. A new page appears.


  1. Choose when you want to run the Apex test Class from the drop down box.
    1. Daily: It will run the apex test class on a daily basis on specified time.
    2. Weekly: Choose this option if you want to run the test class weekly.
    3. No Schedule: This allows you the run the process on demand.


  1. Choose the Test Level from the drop down field.
    1. Run All Tests in Org: All the available Apex Test Classes in selected Salesforce Org will be executed.
    2. Run Local Tests: This option will exclude execution of Apex Test Classes from Managed Packages.
    3. Run Specified Tests: Allows you to run specific apex test class in the Salesforce Org.
  2. Now, Click Update &Run button. The reports gets generated.


​​​​​​​Force Re-Authentication for Salesforce Org registered by OAuth

If the Salesforce Org is registered by an user, and if the same user is migrated to another team or moved out of an organization, then instead of deleting Salesforce Org in AutoRABIT, we provide Force Re-Authentication feature. This helps in prevention of data in the org.

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