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AutoRABIT, Inc.

Salesforce Org Management

Salesforce Org management helps to register your Salesforce orgs inside AutoRABIT. This is a mandatory step in order to use any Salesforce Org functionality inside AutoRABIT.

Registering a Salesforce Org

Registering of a Salesforce Org can be done in either ways::

  1. By using User name and Password or
  2. By using OAuth. 

You can map your Salesforce Org with Version Control repository and branch, ALM system and also assign the registered Orgs to specific users.

  • Click Add in the Salesforce Org Management homepage. A new page will display.

  • In the field Salesforce Org Name, enter a name for the Org.
  • Select the type of Salesforce Org in the Salesforce Org Type field.
  • In the field Environment, select a Salesforce environment.
  • In the field Salesforce Org URL, enter the URL of your Salesforce Org.
  • In Access Type, you have an option to choose between Standard and OAuth.
    • In Standard authentication, the Username, Password, and Security token of the Salesforce are given and AutoRABIT authenticates the connection.
  • Click Validate & Save to register a Salesforce Org.


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