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Role Management

Role Management

The Role Management page displays a list of currently defined roles in your organization. It also allows you to define new roles and manage existing ones. When you select a role from the list of roles, the page displays information about that role.

You can assign a user to one or more roles. Additionally, roles can themselves be members of other roles, in what is referred to as child roles that contribute to role hierarchy.

The following sections contain information about operations that you can perform in the Role Administration page:

  1. Create a new role
  2. To associate the user(s) with a role
  3. Delete a role.


How to create/assign a role to user(s)?

  1. Go to Admin > Role Management in the AutoRABIT homepage.
  2. Click Create Role.
  3. Next, enter a name and description for the role in the field provided.
  4. On the Permissions tab, check boxes to select each permission you want users with this role to have.
Note: The permissions you select determine which dashboard controls are in the user's Admin console and what settings the user can manage. 
Checking the box to allow full rights for Organizations and Users, for example, selects every privilege in that section.
  1. Click Save.



How to delete a role?

To delete a Role, select the role to be deleted and click Delete Role(s).

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