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AutoRABIT, Inc.

My Profile Section

My Profile - what information does it contains?

In My Profile section, you can get a quick view of your selected projects, roles, registered Salesforce/Version Control Org and Account information. All information except Email Id can be changed and updated here.


Navigating to My Profile page

Visit the My Profile page by clicking on Profile > My Profile in the AutoRABIT home page. Click on save button to update account information. Upon saving the details, it will be viewable in the My Account section.

Note: If enabled by Admin, a user can see Skip Mapping field under My Role section.
Skip Mapping: If a user maintains individual Version Control branch for every release, then to keep synchronize
with Salesforce Org and Version Control branch, he need to map every branch to Salesforce Org. To overcome this daily routine,
AutoRABIT provide this option to skip the Org Mappings part and can directly perform commits from EZ-commits module.


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