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AutoRABIT, Inc.

My Profile

The user can find its details at My Profile section provided at the time of registration with AutoRABIT. Apart from that, the user can also view his/her assigned projects, assigned roles, or their Salesforce org. Here they will have to option edit their details and save them.

To go to My Profile section:  

  1. Click on Profile > My profile at AutoRABIT homepage. The following page gets displayed.

  1. In My Roles section, you have an option to select the Skip Mapping field.

Note: Skip Mapping: If an user maintains individual Version Control branch for every release, then to keep synchronize with Salesforce Org and Version Control branch, he need to map every branch to Salesforce Org. To overcome this daily routine, AutoRABIT provide this option to skip the Org Mappings part and can directly perform commits from EZ-commits module.

  1. After editing the field, do not forget to click on Save button at the top right corner of the screen. 
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